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Birthdate:Oct 10
I enjoy being creative and seeing what others make as well. When I was a kid, I loved playing "pretend" games... you know, the games where you say "Let's pretend we're this and that tree is a castle." Well I got older and never wanted to stop... apparently though, your imagination is suppose to degenerate so that only kids can play those games... Then I found role playing and even though you're not exactly running around anymore, you still get to do all sorts of fun stuff.

Reality's freakin' lame (at least it is around here), so I'm all for new worlds. People say it's just to get away from reality.. and yes, they're right, it is.

Interests (22):

3d graphics, adventure time, ambient, anytime is breakfast time., being silly on skype, discworld, eating waffles at 3 am, electronic, game design, hanging with others, idm, masashi hamauzu (composer of ffxiii music), music composer, orchestral, otherland, outer limits and other sci-fi, playing video games, sliders, some anime, tron (all of them), video game ost, wheel of time
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