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Noel App for Vatheon

Player - - -

( Player Name ) : ViRiX
( Personal DW ) :N/A

( Age ) : 23
( Timezone ) : -5 Eastern
( Other Characters ) : N/A
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? Character - - -

( Character's Name ) : Noel Kreiss
( Character's Age ) : 18
( Series ) : Final Fantasy XIII-2
( Canon Point ) : Noel just left the Dying World with Serah
( Playability ) : N/A

( History ) : http://finalfantasy.wikia.com/wiki/Noel_Kreiss

( Personality ) : Being as Noel is one of the last of mankind in the world, you'd think that he
would be cold and withdrawn, but he's not. He actually has a rather cheerful, caring, and
lighthearted personality. This is possibly because he wants to counter the other more downcast
personalities within that world. It could also be because he wishes to make Yuel, one of the few
others there happy.

The lack of people in Noel's world also causes him to hold great value in life. He is angered when he sees others putting their and others' lives in danger for no real reason. This is made clear by his argument with Snow in the Sunleth Waterscape.

Due to the combination of being the last of mankind and constantly being thrown through time, his memory has been impaired. This also causes limited, so he often speaks in short bursts and is straight to the point.

Noel is an open minded person who is not afraid to embrace new ideas. One of those ideas being to completely breaking tradition of the guardians so that both he and Caius could both watch over Yuel. However, he is soft spoken and passive when he feels he must be. Noel is persistent doesn't give up without a fight. He is also light hearted and has a comical demeaner. he is easy-going and

has a friendly disposition. One small quirk about him is that he often uses lots of hand gestures to punctuate his words.

Noel is an 18-year-old hunter and uses dual swords in battle; one large, and the other small. He
enjoys this and other activities such as exploring new places, and finding new people, and helping others when he can.

( Strengths/Weaknesses ) : He's good with dual wielding swords and hunting monsters. He's pretty
easy to get along with. He's not very good with technology though.

( Other Important Facts ) : While Noel knows little of current technology, he has a rather decent

grasp on time travel and quantom theory... at least at a high level understanding. It is possible that he also understands a bit about a type of technology so far up in the future that it partially exists within hyperspace... just a fun little fact.

( Sample ) :

On his way out, he thought he heard Yeul's request for him to stop... stop what? He hadn't started anything as far as he knew. Maybe she meant to stop looking... but that couldn't be right, could it?

He turned towards her.

He started to raise his hands to explain. "Stop?... I can't just sit and..." he paused for a second considered his possibilities. He was anxious to find Serah and get to the bottom of this whole thing, but at the same time, he realized that walking up to consoles and pushing random buttons hoping for something to happen was just about as silly as running into a battle without knowing anything about your opponent.

Noel stepped back, lowered his hands to his sides, and leaned against the doorway with an understanding, yet somewhat dejected look on his face.

"Guess I won't learn much from turning everything off, huh?" A small smile appeared on his face. "I'll be by the gate just in case Serah shows up." Noel said as he walked off; slightly irritated that there was nothing he could immediately do, but on the bright side, at least he'd get a little break... yeah, there was a bright side to this after all.

He then walked off, casually pondering how mankind even put this place together to begin with.