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Name: ViRiX
Age: 24
Personal Journal: n/a
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Name: Noel Kriess
Canon: Final Fantasy 13-2
Age: 18
Timeline: The end of FF13-2, where everything falls into chaos.
If playing another character from the same canon, how will you deal with this?: N/A

Personality: Noel comes from the end of days, when mankind is literally obliterated and he's the last. Many would
believe that a person who is the last remaining human to be cold, withdrawn and unsocial with no glints of humanity left,
but he is not. Noel is positive, energetic, cheerful, caring and light-hearted, this is possibly because he wants to
counter the other all the negativity in his world. Noel was one of the last children to be born, so he was there to see
every one of his friends, his grandmother and others die off from famine. Noel kept himself light-hearted to keep Yeul
from experiencing loneliness and sadness as many died around the two.

Due to humanity's decline, Noel has learned the lesson that humanity never learned; Noel's life is worth losing and every
life is worth saving. Noel holds a great understanding for the longevity of his friends and companions, he would never kill
another human being because he values human life more than anything. Due to this, he is easily angered when people are
fool-hardy and careless with their lives and the lives of others. Noel shows this frustration and anger when Snow purposely
puts himself in danger, putting Serah and himself at risk as well.

Noel's time-traveling has also caused memory distortion where he does not remember events as clearly as he used to,
becoming confused. Every time something is changed for his future, something in his present changes, he forgets and
remembers something different. This effects Noel's ability to keep secrets and things to himself, he fears possibly
forgetting important details and ends up saying everything straight forward. Noel does not lie because of these
inconsistencies. While there are a lot of spots in his memories, he thoroughly enjoys the new places, new time-lines,
helping others and meeting new people when he can he never gives up hope.

He was primarily raised by Caius and his grandmother, who are two close-minded individuals. Noel, however, is open-minded
to new ideas and embraces them. He wished to throw away the idea of one guardian for Yeul, saying the two of them could do
it. Noel is persistent, but passive as he doesn't move forward without a good reason to do so, often choosing to convince
than to force others. This way of being can sometimes make him very comical to be around, he often likes to joke and play
around when he can, to break up all the seriousness. Noel does not know that he can be comical-looking because he overuses
his hand gestures to punctuate his words, along with explaining. It's not too far off to say that he is Snow's yang.

Background: http://finalfantasy.wikia.com/wiki/Noel_Kreiss

Abilities: Noel is a guardian in training, being so makes him proficient with hunting and fighting like other
Nomads. He took up sword duel-wielding when he could not beat Caius in a two-handed sword battle. Noel is also very
competent on time-traveling and how it works, also the consequences of doing it. He holds the power of the l'Cie which
means he can use magic just like any l'Cie but he can't summon like a l'Cie.

Sentinel (Protection magic), Saboteur (Offensive Status Effect magic), Commando (Physical Magic), Medic (Healing magic),
Ravager (Elemental magic), Synergist (Passive Status Effect magic)

First Person:
I don't know how long it's been since Bhunivelze took to the skies, but I can't forget that day. Everything was going
great! I thought we’d finally got rid of all the paradoxes and Serah could be free from visions, I thought she was okay.
The distant pail look in her eyes...she was just like Yuel, she faded away. I should've seen it coming before with her
seeing visions, but I guess I just wanted to think she'd be alright. How many people will I lose to Etro's gift? Is there
really no way to end this? There has got to be some way to fix this, I know I can do it. I'll save Serah, I'll be your
guardian until you find Lightning again.

I won't stop until I find a way to save her. All I wanted to do was keep you safe, keep you happy, Serah.

[Looks around at the new environment. Noel pushes his fists together, it was time for the Time Cop to get to work!]

Well, I'm stuck in another world and maybe I can find Serah here? I can't give up, I'm going to do whatever I can.

Third Person:
On his way out, he thought he heard Yeul's request for him to stop-- stop what? He hadn't started anything as far as he
knew. Maybe she meant to stop looking but that couldn't be right, could it? These Yeuls from other time-lines only
suggested they stop things that meant that he should probably listened. He turned towards her, his eyes fixated on her
seated form with a sigh.

He started to raise his hands to explain. "Stop?... I can't just sit and..." He paused for a second considered his
possibilities. He was anxious to find Serah and get to the bottom of this whole thing, but at the same time he realized
that he couldn't do that. Noel couldn't just walk up to consoles and start pushing random buttons hoping for something to
happen. That was just silly. It was almost like running into a battle without knowing anything about your opponent. He
inwardly agreed to stop.

Noel stepped back, lowered his hands to his sides and leaned against the doorway. He had an understanding of the problem,
and yet had a dejected look on his face due to no results.

"Guess I won't learn much from turning everything off, huh?" A small smile appeared on his face.

"I'll be by the gate just in case Serah shows up." Noel said as he walked off, slightly irritated that there was nothing he could immediately do. On the bright side, at least he'd get a little break... yeah, there was a bright side to this after

He then walked off to look, casually pondering how mankind even put this place together to begin with. Noel wouldn't stray
far if he knew Serah would come at any moment.